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Wound Care / Joint and Pain Management

Wound Care / Joint and Pain Management
Wound CareWound Care

Renaissance Home Health has the ability to provide Wound Care to your patients in a program overseen by our Wound Care Certified Clinicians. Our goal is to optimize your patient’s healing time and promote the best possible health outcome.

  • Our highly trained staff utilizes clinically proven products and treatments to make certain your patient is receiving superior care.
  • We provide ongoing communication and collaboration with the patient’s treating physician regarding progress towards healing, as well as treatment options for wounds that are difficult to heal. We have an excellent success rate.
  • We assist in improving patient comfort, healing time and strive to prevent complications.
  • We educate the patient regarding self-monitoring of signs and symptoms of complications and how to prevent future wounds from occurring.
  • We provide counseling on the types of foods, supplements and diet that can promote wound healing in conjunction with activities appropriate to the patient’s condition to prevent wound related debilities.
Joint and Pain Management

With your referral, we schedule an in-home evaluation including onset, trauma and past pain management successes and/or failures. Our therapists use several treatment modalities including proper body mechanics and posture, relaxation techniques, therapeutic exercise and education on causes of pain.

  • We offer treatment of chronic, recurrent or difficult to manage pain.
  • We use a team approach that combines different types of techniques to help manage pain.
  • We design treatment around the specific needs of the patient to achieve a great level of comfort and pain relief.
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