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Disease and Medication Management

Disease and Medication Management
Disease and Medication ManagementDisease Management

Renaissance Home Health will work with you to manage and support your patients with any disease processes. With your referral, we will work with your patients with chronic and complex illnesses, whether newly diagnosed or with difficulty adhering to goals.

  • Our staff shares information with the patient’s physician and other members of the care team to reduce the chance of hospital re-admission or emergency room visits.
  • We will provide disease specific education to help the patient understand their condition, manage medications and the importance of lifestyle factors such as weight, exercise, nutrition and diet.
  • We will work with your patient toward achieving and maintaining their highest level of functioning possible.
  • We can arrange for durable medical equipment when necessary.
Medication Management

When referring a patient for medication management:

  • We will assist in educating the patient on each medication prescribed to them, it’s purpose, and how and when to take it.
  • We reconcile medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, currently used by the patient, at every visit, to ensure the patient is taking the correct medications safely.
  • We instruct the patient on how to manage diet, activity level and improve home safety.
  • How much does Home Health care cost?

    If the patient is Medicare insured, then Home Health services are generally reimbursed 100% by Medicare with no deductibles and no lifetime maximums. If the patient has commercial health insurance then generally Home Health services are reimbursed per the patients selected health plan. Each plan has its own reimbursement guidelines. To find out if Renaissance Home Health takes your commercial insurance, contact us at 215-589-RHHC (7442).
  • How To Start Services?

    Please speak with your physician and ask that they call or fax a referral to us. This is required in order for your insurance to approve the services. Call 215-589-RHHC (7442).
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